Management - The Essence of the Craft

Management - The Essence of the Craft

von: Fredmund Malik

Campus Verlag, 2010

ISBN: 9783593409085

Sprache: Englisch

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Management - The Essence of the Craft

  Contents 8  
  Author’s Preface tothe English Edition 2010 12  
  Preface to the New German Edition 2007 16  
  Concept and Logic of the Series “Management: Mastering Complexity” 19  
  Introduction 21  
  Central Propositions 22  
  A Word on the Terms Used 23  
  What Management Is and What It Is Not 26  
     What Management Is Not 28  
     What Management Is 40  
     Why Management Is Important 58  
     Right Management Is Universally Valid 61  
  Effectiveness: Managing People – Managing a Business 68  
     Managing People: The Standard Model of Right and Good Management 70  
     Managing a Business: The Integrated Management System (IMS®) 99  
  The General Management Functions 116  
     The Basic Model of General Management 118  
     The Organization’s Environment 121  
     Corporate Policy and Corporate Governance 143  
     Strategy 177  
     Structure 206  
     Culture 229  
     Executives 245  
     Innovation and Change 263  
  Management is Getting Things Done 274  
     Implementation 276  
  Epilog – Management Responsibility and Management Ethics 283  
  The Malik Management System and Its Users 286  
  About the Author 295  
  Literature 297  
  Index 300