Jazz For Dummies

Jazz For Dummies




von: Dirk Sutro

For Dummies, 2006

ISBN: 9780470079799

Sprache: Englisch

386 Seiten, Download: 4874 KB

Format:  PDF, auch als Online-Lesen

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Jazz For Dummies

Includes a list of more than 100 recordings for your jazz collection
The fun and easy way to explore the world of jazz
Jazz is America's greatest music, but with over a century's worth of styles and artists, where do you begin? Relax! This hep cat's guide delivers the scoop on the masters and their music -- from Duke Ellington to Charlie Parker to Wynton Marsalis. It's just what you need to tune in to the history and musical structure of jazz and become a more savvy listener.
Discover how to
* Understand the traits and roots of jazz
* Tune in to jazz styles, from big band to bebop
* Listen to great jazz artists
* Catch a live jazz performance
* Succeed in a jazz ensemble
Praise for Jazz For Dummies
'Now you can finally know about one of . . . America's greatest contributions to world culture.'
--Jon Faddis, jazz trumpeter
'Fun to read. . . . An important stepping stone to understanding this complex and profound music.'
--James Moody, jazz saxophonist
'Dirk Sutro is madly in love with jazz and . . . he knows what he's talking about.'
--'Chubby' Jackson, jazz bassist