The Resilient Manager - Navigating the Challenges of Working Life

The Resilient Manager - Navigating the Challenges of Working Life

von: A. Furnham

Palgrave Macmillan, 2013

ISBN: 9781137361073

Sprache: Englisch

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The Resilient Manager - Navigating the Challenges of Working Life

  Cover 1  
  Contents 8  
  Preface 11  
  Introduction 12  
     A word about stoicism 13  
     Broken, made and tested by adversity 16  
     The development of resilience 19  
     Becoming a talented leader 23  
     Coping 26  
     Optimism: a buffer against stress 27  
     Hardiness: viewing stress as challenge 28  
     The consequences of stress 29  
     Toughen up, lighten up, and buck up 31  
  Part I: Building a Team 32  
     A. A good lunch 32  
     B. Interview lies 35  
     C. Job history 38  
     D. Personality of reference writers 41  
     E. Poor selection 44  
     F. Writing a personal statement 47  
  Part II: Getting the Best Out of People 50  
     A. Absence analytics 50  
     B. Experiential incentives 53  
     C. Extroverts 56  
     D. Facts of life 59  
     E. Fudging and nudging 62  
     F. Hire emotionally intelligent people 65  
     G. Mid-level cadres 68  
     H. Motivating your staff 71  
     I. Performance appraisal systems 74  
     J. Promote at random 77  
     K. Promotion of the self-aware 80  
     L. Ranking and spanking 83  
     M. Scientific understanding of the public 86  
     N. 'Sconceable' offences 89  
     O. Shapers of destiny 92  
     P. The talent myth 95  
  Part III: The Daily Grind 99  
     A. A grim place to work 99  
     B. Aesthetics at work 102  
     C. Biscuit hunters, film extras, therapy patients 104  
     D. Changing places 106  
     E. Gender at work 109  
     F. Generations at work 1 112  
     G. Generations at work 2 115  
     H. Grievances at work 118  
     I. How 'family friendly' can backfire 121  
     J. Legislation and regulation 124  
     K. Memory and vision 127  
     L. Paper trail culture 130  
     M. Prioritization 133  
     N. Slaughter of the innocents 136  
     O. Violence at work 138  
     P. Will power 141  
     Q. Working from home 144  
     R. Social networking 147  
     S. Sponsorship 150  
  Part IV: It's All in the Delivery – Management Behaviour 154  
     A. All the questions and all the answers 154  
     B. Benefits of adversity 157  
     C. Bureaucratic punishment 160  
     D. Conscientiousness 162  
     E. Difficult conversations 165  
     F. Family business 168  
     G. Feeding narcissism 171  
     H. Good advice 174  
     I. Lie detectors 177  
     J. Losing your mindfulness 179  
     K. Managerially unexplained symptoms 182  
     L. The Marshmallow test 185  
     M. Narcissistic manager 188  
     N. Passive aggressiveness 191  
     O. Risky types 194  
     P. To be a grown-up 197  
     Q. Translator transgressions 200  
     R. U-turns 203  
     S. Undercover boss 206  
  Part V: Learning on the Job 210  
     A. Assessment at work 210  
     B. Bang for your buck 213  
     C. Education 216  
     D. Elite performers 219  
     E. Honest evaluation 222  
     F. Narrative skills 225  
     G. Whatever happened to humility? 228  
  Part VI: Life Beyond 231  
     A. Dog years 231  
     B. Drive for money 234  
     C. Happiness brings wealth 236  
     D. Mind and soul of the expat 239  
     E. Regrets 242  
     F. Sports ethic 245